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Treated Paper Workshop by Kay Barnes in Olympia

August 7, 2013

There is still room for you at the Kay Barnes treated paper workshop being offered in Olympia on Sept. 11-13.

Contact Roxana Caples with questions about the workshop (details on the attached PDF).

Roxana writes:  “I first met Kay when I attended one of her workshops offered at Ocean Shores. I had reached the point in my art career where I knew I needed to invest in myself and in my art.  Many of you may be wondering if you should take a workshop. You have books and DVDs, and those are great. I learn from them as well. But if you are serious about real growth as an artist, then give consideration to signing up for a workshop.

I learned more from workshops than I did from all of my college art classes combined. It was intense. It was focused. The fundamentals were taught and I learned how to see as an artist. It was like drinking from a fire hose. I couldn’t absorb it all, but I did take in much more than I had hoped. I have had many “a-ha” moments during workshops.”

TREATED PAPER 2013 workshop registration

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